Welcome to FU LAM MOON Sea Food Restaurant

http://www.webtvparatinga.com/disparity/registratsiya-firmi-v-chehii.html We serve delicious Cantonese cuisine and dim sum. We are situated on the beautiful city of Fremont. We specialize in live sea foods. Depending on the season and weather we carried live lobsters & crabs, live shrimp, live fishes, live geoduck clam and live shell fish & clam.
We offer comfortable seats and quality service; we create a pleasant dining experience, you can be relaxed and ready to enjoy delicious food and happy time with your relatives and friends. We are committed to keeping our seafood nice and fresh so that the flavors and styles of our dishes are delicious and tantalizing. We always pride ourselves on our quality foods and good foods.
We will give every customer a warm and friendly welcome. You can eat high-quality seafoods, other foods or drinks at reasonable prices in our warm and elegant rooms.